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Introduction to Tameside Fostering Panel Panel


What is the role of Tameside Fostering Panel?

Tameside’s Fostering Panel has several important functions, these are: -

  • Whether applicants are suitable for approval as foster carers.
  • Future changes to foster carers’ approval.
  • Any serious concerns about a foster carer’ practice.
  • Termination of approval.

When and where does the Panel meet?

The panel meets at: -

Denton Centre
Acre Street
M34 3BW

This meeting occurs on Wednesdays on alternate weeks 1.30pm to 5pm.

Who sits on the Fostering Panel?

There are 13 Panel members including the Independent Chair Person. They are from different agencies. They include a foster carer and representatives from Services for Children and Young People, Education and Health.

This group of people bring a balance of knowledge, skill, objectivity and expertise in order to inform the recommendations they make to ensure the welfare and safety of foster children is promoted and safeguarded.

Before the Panel

Copies of all relevant reports and other documents to do with your application are forwarded to the Panel Members so that they can read them before the Panel meeting.

Can You Attend the Panel?

Yes. Both Social Workers and applicants can attend the Panel together. The panel likes you to be as fully involved as possible and welcomes the opportunity to meet you. Many applicants find it useful to attend Panel to answer any questions that arise.

What Happens at Panel?

You will be invited into the Panel and introduced to Panel members. Sometimes the worker is invited into the Panel first if a particular clarification is required regarding something in their report; otherwise the applicant and worker are invited in together.

The chair will explain how the Panel will be conducted. There will be questions and a discussion of the information contained in your assessment. At the close of the discussion the Chair will ask you and your Social Worker to return to the waiting area whilst the Panel reaches their recommendation in relation to your approval. The Panel Chair and Panel Advisor will notify you personally of the Panel’s recommendation on the day.

After the Panel

A copy of the Panel minutes is forwarded along with the Panel’s recommendations to the Agency Decision Maker. It is this person who will make the final decision whether you become approved as a Foster Carer or not.

Decision to Approve

You will receive a letter confirming their decision with regards to your approval status as a Foster Carer for Tameside MBC. If you are approved the letter will confirm the status of your approval for example the age group and the number of children you can foster. The letter will include a Tameside Foster Care Contract for you to sign.

Decision Not to Approve

It is unusual for Panel to make the decision not to approve an applicant because issues or concerns that would lead to a recommendation not to approve are usually resolved prior to the application being presented. Occasionally the Panel may decide to defer making a Recommendation to a later panel. This is likely to be because the Panel requires further information in order to reach a recommendation. Should the decision that you are not approved as a foster carer, you will be informed of the Agency Decision maker’s decision and be given reasons why.

You will be able to write to the Agency Decision Maker within 28 days to make an appeal and have your application reviewed, you Social Worker will explain the appeals procedure to you. Alternatively, you are able to make an application for the decision to be reviewed by the Independent Review Mechanism. Your worker can supply details of the procedure or, you can find out more at

Your Views

Your views are welcome about attending Panel and your feedback will assist us in helping to make the meeting useful. In order to ensure we take account of your views please complete the Fostering Panel Questionnaire, which will be sent to you after the Panel meeting.

Complaints and Compliments

Whether it’s a compliment, a suggestion or a complaint, speak to your Social Worker. If you feel you are unable to do that, try the Complaints Manager:

Complaints Manager
Dukinfield Town Hall,
King Street,
SK16 4LA

Tel: 0161 342 5233


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