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How to refer to the Vision Impairment Team

The team works with Children and Young People with a diagnosed vision impairment that cannot be corrected by glasses. For those students without a confirmed diagnoses your GP would be able to refer you to the orthoptist/ophthalmology department. 

You can refer directly into the service via telephone or email if they have any questions or concerns regarding their child’s vision. Many of the referrals are taken from schools, parents, the eye hospitals and a range of different professionals.

The team will take some initial information and send out a consent form to the parents before an assessment can take place. This enables the service to ascertain the correct information from the medical professionals regarding the child’s vision and also be able to share the outcome of the visit with any involved professionals and school staff.


To make a referral to adult vision impairment service please contact: 0161 922 4888

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