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Mission Statement


Our Vision & Principles


Our Vision

Together, all Tameside partners agreed the guiding principles for developing a successful SEND system. We want children & young people with SEND to have the opportunity to be the best they can be and to have choice and control over their support.

We want to enable Tameside’s children and young people to have better education, health and emotional wellbeing outcomes. We want to ensure that we provide the right service in the right place, at the right time, supporting people to live healthily and to achieve their true potential:

The delivery of good and outstanding education to every one of our resident children is a key priority for Tameside MBC. This is because the future life chances of those who are currently children will in large part be determined by their educational outcomes, and because improved educational attainment is therefore a key means to reducing inequality.

So our focus is not just upon our formal statutory responsibilities, important though those are, but upon providing effective strategic leadership to ensure that all those partners with a role to play are delivering effectively for our children.


Our Principles

We are committed to the following principles that underpin our collaborative relationships with all parents, carers and young people. These values and behaviours are embedded in the “Terms of Reference” of the SEND Programme Board.

This will mean we will:


  • Work in a spirit of co-production and partnership with parents and their children and young people with SEND, involving them in all key decisions.

  • Work in partnership with partner agencies and schools to deliver an effective SEND system that ensures effective early identification of need followed by robust assess- plan-do-review processes and clear pathways.

  • Have the highest expectations for children and young people with SEND, ensuring that they are fully included in all educational settings and that their needs are met by high performing local schools.

  • Maintain a commitment to Tameside’s maintained schools and academies, promoting and championing strong leadership and inclusive practice for children and young people with SEND across all phases, mainstream and special.

  • Ensure a rigorous focus on the preparation for adulthood outcomes and life after school.

  • Ensure that resources are fairly and consistently allocated according to needs.


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