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Training Videos


How to download a book using Dolphin Easy Reader

Managing Dolphin Easy Reader libraries

How to switch between text and PDF modes when using Dolphin Easy Reader

How to record a Macro in Excel, allowing a task to be done more quickly by use of a shortcut key

Recording a macro in Word. Macros are saved sequence of commands or keyboard strokes that can be stored and used again with a command or shortcut key.

iPad slow motion video recording. Useful for instance when recording Science experiments, to watch back in slow motion.

Using iPad split screen

How to use Guided Access on the iPad to prevent users from selecting certain areas of the screen. Useful where adverts are on an APP

Using ePub format on iPad, removes need to use Kindle app

Using iPad zoom window that follows text

Selecting numbers and alternate characters on the iPad using keyboard swipe functionality, instead of changing to alternate keyboard

How to position cursor using the spacebar whilst editing text on the iPad

Creating hyperlinks in Word to allow ease of moving around different sections of a document

How to create book with accompanying audio as a movie, to use on iPad, created using Keynote

How to extract text form an image, using Onenote.

Editing & enhancing multiple images in a Word document.
Extracting text from images on the iPad Pro.

Using split screen to show two apps side by side, on the iPad Pro.