Accessibility Statement
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How we support Teachers and Schools


We can:


  • Assess the child’s functional vision

  • Support transition to pre-school/school/further education placements

  • Write/ create reports, advice sheets and programmes of support pending individual assessment

  • Deliver in-service training

  • Plan with teachers and TAs

  • Contribute to target setting

  • Advise on approaches and strategies

  • Advise on adaptation of materials

  • Advise on technology and monitor its use

  • Advise on examinations and access arrangements, school trips and work experience

  • Respond to queries/concerns and offer solutions

  • Provide on-going training and support for school staff

  • Teach specialist skills e.g. Braille

  • Mobility and independence training

​Top tips for vision friendly accessible classroom
Tips for adapting worksheets
Well Prepared Exam information