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Transparency in Local Government

Tameside MBC is a consistently high performing authority whose accounts fall under the scrutiny of the Audit Commission and are reported to the authority’s Audit Panel

In response to the government’s desire for increased transparency, the Local Government Transparency Code 2014 was published in October 2014. You can access a copy of the code and Frequently Asked Questions here. This replaces the previous non-mandatory version which was published in 2011.

It builds upon existing work already done by local authorities in publishing information relating to expenditure, procurement, and salaries, as well as other areas of interest such as land and assets held by the council (including parking facilities), our constitution, and engagement with Trade Unions.

 Using our Information and Datasets

The open data we release is licensed under the Open Government License (external website). You are encouraged to use and re-use the data that is available under this license with only a few conditions. Use of material expressly made available under this license (the 'Information') indicates your acceptance of the terms and conditions of the license.

Expenditure over £500

Download the Payment Transactions for Qtr 4 – 2022 – 2023 in CSV format

The files contain the following information:

1. Internal Transaction Number
2. Supplier Details
3. Service Area
4. Department
5. Description of goods/services
6. Amount (excluding VAT)
7. Payment date
8. Merchant category
9. Non recoverable VAT (if applicable)

The equivalent data for Greater Manchester Pension Fund can be accessed via the following link here Link to External Website




The council is required to publish the following procurement information in accordance with the Transparency Code of Practice.

Contracts procured by Greater Manchester Pension Fund can be found here CSV file

The Council manage four distinct processes:

1. Tendering,
2. Awarding a Contract
3. Ordering Goods and Services via a Purchase Order (as required)
4. Paying an Invoice or awarding a Grant

This means that the same or similar information may be duplicated over datasets published by the Council. An example of this process would be a contract being advertised via an ITT, awarded to a stationery supplier, a purchase order will then be raised to order 200 biros, the goods will be delivered and then an invoice submitted to the Council for payment.

This information will be contained in the ITT declaration, the Contract Register, Purchase Order Information and the Spend Data. It is likely that the values contained in the ITT, Contract Register, Purchase Order data and Spend Data will not reconcile. This is because the timeframe whereby each item of data is captured will be different and actual spend varies over time. For example, the example, the ITT will be the estimated maximum value for the full contract term at the point the contract is advertised, the Contract Register will be the estimated maximum contract value over the full term, Purchase Orders may reflect requirements over a much shorter time or a single “call off” and spend declaration reflects when we pay for the goods and services.


  • Contracts: documents evidencing a legally binding agreement between two or more parties. Purchase Orders may be raised against these Contracts.
  • Framework agreements: are legally compliant routes to pre selecting suppliers who are able to supply goods and services. Contracts are awarded to bidders when the work is allocated. Such contracts will be listed on the contract register if they are over £5,000 and are classified as “frameworks”.
  • Invitations to tender: are open advertisements to the market which represent opportunities for interested parties to express an interest in participating in a competitive procurement process for the supply of goods, services or works.

Details regarding Invitations to Tender and Contracts can be found at the following locations:- - Opportunities

Contracts Register

The Council now maintains its Contract Register via its procurement portal Star Procurement.

The following provides information on all Contracts, Framework Agreements or other commissioned expenditure in excess of £5,000 in accordance with the Local Government Transparency Code 2015.

Transparency Tameside Q4 2022-23 CSV file
Transparency Tameside Q3 2022-23 CSV file
Transparency Tameside Q2 2022-23 CSV file
Transparency Tameside Q1 2022-23 CSV file
Transparency Tameside Q4 2021-22 CSV file
Transparency Tameside Q3 2021-22 CSV file
​Tameside-Transparency-Q4-2020-21 CSV file
​Tameside-Transparency-Q2-2020-21 CSV file
Tameside-Transparency-Q1-2020-21 CSV file
The following provides information on all open Invitations to Tender, or Requests for Quotation in excess of £5,000 which the Council has published.  This information is provided in accordance with the Local Government Transparency Code 2015.

Tameside Q4 2022-23 Published Tenders  CSV file
Tameside Q3 2022-23 Published Tenders  CSV file
Tameside Q2 2022-23 Published Tenders  CSV file
Tameside Q1 2022-23 Published Tenders  CSV file
Tameside Q4 2021-22 Published Tenders  CSV file
Tameside Q3 2021-22 Published Tenders  CSV file
Tameside Q4 2020-21 Published Tenders CSV file
Tameside Q4 2019-20 Published Tenders CSV file
Tameside Q3 2019-20 Published Tenders CSV file
Tameside Q2 2019-20 Published Tenders CSV file

The CHEST, the Council’s procurement portal provides information in relation to all opportunities and contracts:

  • The CHEST - You can search by organisation under the Contracts Register heading for Tameside Council. From here you can select each contract.

Contracts Register – pre 1st April 2017

Purchase Orders over £5000

The Council is required to provide information in relation to all purchase order transactions over £5000.

Government Procurement Cards

The Council does not use these and therefore has no information to publish.

Payment of undisputed invoices within 30 days – Regulation 113 Public Contract Regulations 2015

Financial Year Proportion of valid & undisputed invoices paid within 30 days in accordance with regulation 113 The amount of interest paid to suppliers due to breach of the requirements in regulation 113 Interest (£'s), whether or not claimed, liable to be paid to suppliers
16/17 83% 0 282,940
17/18 80% 0 365,933
18/19 93% 0 75,703
19/20 96% 0 79,428
20/21 98% 0 42,210
21/22 98% 316.27 55,195

*The amount of interest paid to suppliers due to breach of the requirement in regulation 113 is not required to be published until 2017

Pay Policy Statement

The Authority’s Pay Policy statement  PDF file has been prepared in line with the requirements in the Localism Act 2011 and approved by Full Council when determining the Budget. It takes effect for the year 2019/20 unless replaced or varied by the full Council.

Gender Pay Report

The Council’s Gender Pay Report  PDF file has been prepared in accordance with the Equality Act 2010 (Specific Duties and Public Authorities) Regulations 2017, based on the Council’s workforce as at 31 March 2022.

Salaries and Wages Information

The payments data is supplemented by the publication of salaries and wages information re the council’s chief officers. 

View the publication of Senior salaries, PDF file


Member Allowances

Member Allowances are published on or before 31 March each year for the previous financial year and can be found here.

Trade Union Facility Time

Trade Union facility time is published here PDF file

Local Authority Land

The file below contains details of land and buildings owned, occupied or controlled by the Local Authority:

Local Authority Land CSV file

A full dataset version including the GeoX, GeoY and UPRN derived from Ordnance Survey data can only be released for “using the data to respond to, or interact with the Licensor to deliver or support the delivery of the Licensor’s Core Business” due to OS licensing restrictions under a PSMA end user licence

If you wish to use this data for any other purpose other than supporting the delivery of the Licensor’s Core Business, then you should contact Ordnance Survey via or telephone 03456 05 05 05 to discuss how they can help you with your requirements
Other Information 

Parking Spaces and Parking Account

The files below contain information about the number of parking spaces available in the borough and the parking account.

- The number of off street parking spaces by location can be found here CSV file
- The number of controlled parking spaces operated by the Authority i.e. residents parking can be found here  CSV file
Information on the Council’s parking account can be found here CSV file


Voluntary and Community Sector Grants

The file below contains details of all grants made by Tameside Council to voluntary, community and social enterprise organisations.

Grants to voluntary organisations 2015
Voluntary and Community Sector Grants 2016-2017 Excel
Voluntary and Community Sector Grants 2017-2018 Excel

Organisational Chart

The Council’s Integrated Single Leadership Team can be viewed here.

An Organisational Chart showing senior staff in the top three levels of Tameside Council is available here  CSV file


Tameside Councils constitution is available here


The files below contain information relating to the Counter Fraud work carried out by the Local Authority.

Housing Benefit Related Fraud (investigated on Behalf of the Department for Work and Pensions) Housing Benefit Fraud CSV file

Other Counter Fraud activity carried out by the authority Fraud PDF file

*** In addition both the Chief Executive and the Executive Director of Pensions have responsibility for the payment of £560 million Pension Benefit payments and for over £12.5 billion of Pension Fund Assets

An analysis of the Council structure can be found via the attached link :
Structure of the Executive Cabinet and Leadership Team

If you have any queries regarding any of the payments or further information on the salaries and wages data contained on the files please submit a Freedom of Information request or contact Customer Services on Contact by Telephone 0161 342 8355.

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