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Teenage pregnancy and STIs

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Teenage pregnancy
We cannot protect children from the society we live in. Sex is everywhere around us and children and young people will learn about sex whether you want them to or not. They will also learn about sex from each other and information that gets passed-on in the playground is not always accurate. The result can be confusing messages that leave them exposed to risky situations, Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) and pregnancy.

You have an important role to play in making sure your child has the right information to cope with these pressures, to make positive choices about their relationships and to stay safe. Try to introduce information gradually to your child which you can build on as they mature rather than a one-off talk. You might feel concerned that by discussing sex and relationships, particularly at an early age, you will encourage them to have sex early. However, research has proved that the opposite is true.


Make sure your teenager has access to information and support around condoms and contraception. They have an equal responsibility whether they are a boy or a girl. You may not agree with your teenager having sex at all but it is better they have all the knowledge they need and have protected sex.


If she’s pregnant

If you think your daughter may be pregnant, or if she has told you that she is, make sure she visits her doctor or a local Sexual Health Service to get the pregnancy confirmed and to access the support available.

Talk to her about the choices she has and how these choices will affect the rest of her life.


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