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New Oxford Reference Sources Available at Tameside Libraries

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We are pleased to announce that Tameside Libraries now provides access to three exciting online reference sources that are available free to library members. The new online resources will be an useful addition to our existing online reference library bringing excellent quality information to our customers.
Who's who and who was who

Oxford Who's Who
and Who Was Who
Grove Art

Oxford Grove Art Online
Gove music

Oxford Grove Music Online


Who's Who and Who Was Who

Who's Who is the leading source of up-to-date information about over 33,000 influential people from all walks of life, worldwide, who have left their mark on British public life. Who Was Who provides an historical archive that collects together the entries of over 100,000 people, now deceased, who were included in previous editions of Who's Who. Browse the options or search records by full name, birth date, career, education and more.

Oxford Grove Art Online

Grove Art Online is a dictionary of art and artists of all kinds from architects to artisans, art movements, locations, and periods, as well as information for further research and thousands of searchable images. The publisher, Oxford University Press work in partnership with museums, galleries, and other outstanding arts organizations to provide high quality information and images.

Grove Music Online

Oxford Grove Music Online

Grove Music Online is a living resource with scholars and specialists from around the world continually reviewing and updating existing content and contributing new articles. In addition to the vast number of entries on music history and culture, Grove Music Online features a host of exceptional learning resources that organize the content to make it an essential resource for musicians and students alike.

How do I access the Oxford Reference Resources?

Tameside Libraries members can use these resources free of charge along with a host of other online reference tools. You can find out more on our Virtual Reference Library page.

And remember if you are not a member yet, you can join for free and access our online resources once you receive your new library card.


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