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Children's Services


Libraries are for everyone!


You're never too young to join and it's free!

Two children in a libraryYou can apply online to join the library - your parent or guardian will need to sign it, or alternatively you can call into the library and ask for a membership form. Take the signed completed form along to your local library and you will be given your library key card.

There are all sorts of books in the library ...

  • books for babies
  • adventure stories
  • funny stories
  • information books
  • books for mums and dads
  • ...and lots more.

You can borrow up to 12 books, and keep them for up to three weeks.  Bring them back on or before the date stamped in the book.  You can have your books stamped again if nobody else wants them.  You won't have to pay fines if the books are returned to the library late - but don't forget other people may want to read them.

Two boys on the computer in the children's library in AshtonTalking books on CD and cassette are also available. It is free to borrow children’s talking books.

All libraries have computers that children can use, which can be booked in 30 minute time slots. Children can also access the Internet subject to signed permission from a parent or guardian and other safeguards. Computer sessions can be booked by asking at the library or telephoning. You will need your Library Key card. Printouts cost 10p per sheet.

Activities take place throughout the year - usually around school holiday times.  Look out for storytimes, crafts, arts workshops, quizzes, competitions, etc..........

Come and see for yourself!


Parents & Carers Collection

a child's drawing of the librarySome books are specially designed to help children and their parents or carers deal with new, disturbing or difficult situations.

We have brought a selection of these books together in all of our libraries.

Topics include...

  • Adoption
  • Bereavement
  • Bullying
  • Divorce
  • Going to hospital
  • New baby in the family
  • Starting school
  • Stranger danger

Bookstart Project

Bookstart promotes sharing books with babies and young children from an early age. Research both nationally and locally shows evidence of real benefits by the time children start school. Bookstart also run regular Time for a rhyme sessions in libraries and have organised our Story Makers projects.

For further information go to the Bookstart page

boys being read to buy a manSharing books can:

  • Help create a close bond between you and your baby,
  • Give you a starting point for talking to your baby because language skills are the key to learning,
  • Extend your baby's experience of language through songs, rhymes and stories,
  • Focus baby's attention and develop concentration skills by looking at clear, bright pictures in a well designed layout.

No special skills are required by parents.

For further details, contact the Bookstart Office.

Services for Childminders, Playgroups and Parent and Toddler Groups

Books and storytelling play a very important part in the general development of pre-school children. Through books, children can learn how to think, look and talk, so learning to use and enjoy books is a habit worth encouraging.

  • Any Tameside childminder, Playgroup, Parent and toddler group, Pre-school and Day Nursery can borrow books, free of charge from any Tameside library.
  • Groups can borrow up to 25 books and childminders up to 12 at a time for up to 8 weeks. Adults can still join on their own behalf to borrow from our extensive range of books and talking books for adults and children. 

Our children's libraries contain a selection of the best books for under fives including attractive picture books, small easy-to-handle board books and information books.

We think it is important for children to handle the books while at the same time learning how to look after them so that others can read them.

If you would like one of our Branch Librarians to visit your group for storytimes or to talk to parents about the importance of sharing books and being a library member, please contact your nearest library.

If you need any further help or advice about using the service, please contact your nearest Tameside library. For contact details look at the information page.