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i-THRIVE Partnership in Tameside

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The i-THRIVE Partnership in Tameside and Glossop started in 2019, aiming to bring partners together from across the system to generate a shared understanding of what support is available to families and professionals around the THRIVE needs based model of care, and how the whole system can offer support proactively to families.

The i-THRIVE Framework is a national ambition and there is Greater Manchester Leadership on the programme which includes workforce training. For more information visit the GM site

Presentation What is i-THRIVE here that explains the groupings in more detail.

Prevention and Promotion

The priorities of the i-THRIVE Partnership Group in Tameside are aligned to the Local Transformation Plan  which take direction from the Long Term Plan and Five Year Forward View and set out improvements in provision of children and young people’s mental health services.
Tameside i-THRIVE Partnership priorities are around:
  • Improving Mental Health in Education
  • Capturing Voice of the Child
  • Reaching Vulnerable Young People
  • Workforce Training
Bi-monthly meetings bring partners together to share best practice, and to close any identified gaps in provision by working together
If you require any further information or would like to join the partnership meetings please contact
Partnership Meeting Dates
Dates Information from the meeting
1st December 2021 Meeting Notes

Thrive Partnership Notes 1.12.21
23rd February 2022 Meeting Notes

THRIVE Partnership Notes Feb 2022
TLC CYP Presentation

Talk Listen Change – new project
Encouraging Healthy Relationships and Counselling for those who are displaying unhealthy behaviours to parents/carers
Please find attached the referral form here - Domestic Abuse Professional Referral Form ( 
27th April 2022 Meeting Notes
GM iTHRIVE Standards
THRIVE Presentation
22nd June 2022
Training Opportunities
Risk Support Training – 25th May 2022 15 spaces available (NOW FULL)  
Online THRIVE Training Platform Training platform – for all staff
At present, the hub is hosting two elearning modules, Intro to THRIVE and the brand new Intro to Arts, Culture and Mental Health. Once you have signed up, you will be automatically enrolled onto both modules.
ACES Online Training Free online Trauma Training for all staff
An Introduction to Neurodiversity Free online training for all staff Tameside & Glossop Neurodiversity Training | Eventbrite
Information updates 
Young Dads Group 1st Saturday of every month Dads Play Too Starling Neurodivergent Creative Workshops 13-25 Community Hive – Flyer for new emotional wellbeing service
Young Parents and Tots Group Tuesdays and Thursday Wrigglers and Gigglers Early Attachment Service Leaflet NICU family Support
PHEW! – managing anxiety group Kooth Updates
Kooth Worrying world news April newsletter resource

Kooth's Providing an Online Service brochure

Qwell How to talk to children about world nes April newsletter resource

Greater Manchester HCP Guide
Mind the Gap Glossop Arts Project
flyer 14-18 year olds and referral form

Flyer 18-30 year olds
Family Support for children with ASD / ADHD (including those who are undiagnosed and diagnosed) – from Our Kids Eyes OKE
Branching Out Bulletin  
May 2022
The emotional wellbeing and mental health services in Tameside and Glossop can be found on Children and Young People Mental Health Support - NHS Tameside and Glossop Clinical Commissioning Group (  Families and young people can access walk in sessions in localities via the friendly and approachable Community Hive as first point of contact.  If specialist mental health is needed a referral to CAMHS can be escalated.