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Council Tax


Go on-line and save yourself time

Council Tax, Housing Benefit and Business Rates Customers, can now take advantage of our new and improved, secure self-service system:

You can view information for Council Tax, Benefits and Business Rates online. You can view payments made towards your Council Tax and Business Rates accounts and if you are a landlord you can view information relating to your tenants.

If you wish to make payments to the council, use the "Payments" link on the left.

Go to the Self Service System


The following Council Tax Forms can be completed on-line, even without self-service:

  • Change of name - use this if your name has changed. You will need to provide proof e.g. a marriage certificate or Deed Poll. You can send this by email to 
  • Change of Address - use this to notify a change of address. If you are renting from a private landlord, you will need to provide a copy of your tenancy agreement as proof of the date for tenancy commenced
  • Pay by Direct Debit - use this form to pay your Council Tax by Direct Debit
  • Use this form to apply for a Single Person Discount


Other forms are available to apply for Council Tax Discounts / exemptions. Please print, complete and return to


Click here for information on potential Council Tax scams


Paying Council Tax for a property does not mean that you are automatically on the Electoral Register. If you have not already registered to vote, go online at

For more on your Council Tax and Business Rates explained for period April 2023 – March 2024 please click on the leaflet

Your Council Tax and Business Rates Explained


For further information on Council Tax, please click here

How to contact us

Council Tax – for enquiries regarding registration, exemptions and discounts.
0161 342 2015
Send the Council Tax Team a Message

Revenues – for enquiries regarding a Council Tax Reminder, Final notice or recovery action that is being taken.
0161 342 2045
Send the Revenues Team a Message

Business Rates
Tel: 0161 342 2233
Send the Business Rates Team a Message

Benefits – for enquiries regarding Housing Benefit and Council Tax Support.
0161 342 3708
Send the Benefits Team a Message

Housing Benefit overpayments – for enquiries regarding an overpayment in Housing Benefit or to make a payment arrangement.
0161 342 4330
Send the Overpayment Team a Message