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Our fantastic eBook and eAudiobook download service in partnership with Greater Manchester Libraries and BorrowBox Link to External Websitebrings you a massive choice of bestselling eReading 24/7, 7 days a week for all ages and tastes. Download the app and start reading or listening within five minutes.

Each month a selection of eBooks and eAudiobooks are available for unlimited download so there's no need to reserve, simply borrow, download and start reading or listening. Don't worry if you borrow a title near the end of the month as you'll have a second month to finish. Why not choose the same book with some friends and share your opinions, or find out about our Virtual Readers' Group. There are preview clips of eAudiobooks below or you can click the links for more information about eReading.

Spotlight Titles - Unlimited Downloads for August are now live

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eReading   eReading           

July Spotlight Titles are still available

To borrow eBooks and eAudiobooks you need to be a member of Tameside Libraries. If you are not a library member, you can join here. Discover our collection on the BorrowBox Link to External Website website.


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